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Surface Mining Process - OSMREOFFICE of SURFACE MINING. RECLAMATION and ENFORCEMENT. U.S. Department of the Interior. Trapper Mine, C-07519 and C-079641, Environmental Assessment. SURFACE MINING PROCESS. • Construct structures to control runoff and protect surface and ground water quality. • Remove topsoil from planned.surface mining process,Surface mining - WikipediaStrip mining goes 400 feet deep. There are two forms of strip mining. The more common method is "area stripping", which is used on fairly flat terrain, to extract deposits over a large area. As each long strip is excavated, the overburden is placed in the excavation produced by the previous strip. "Contour mining " involves.

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Surface mining | Britannica

Surface mining: Surface mining, method of extracting minerals near the surface of the Earth. The three most common types of surface mining are open-pit mining, strip mining, and quarrying. See also mining and coal.

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The mining takes place in those areas where the growth of vegetation is very minimal or at times does not exist due to the surface conditions. The most important method used to extract the minerals from the earth is surface mining. It is surprising to notice that 70 percent of the minerals extracted from the earth are through.

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Jun 23, 2017 . Strip mining is the process of removing a thin strip of overburden (earth or soil) above a desired deposit, dumping the removed overburden behind the deposit, extracting the desired deposit, creating a second, parallel strip in the same manner, and depositing the waste materials from that second (new) strip.

Surface Mining Methods

Mar 13, 2011 . Mine Development. Pit planning and layout. The overall economic goal in surface mining is to remove the least amount of material while gaining the greatest return on investment by processing the most marketable mineral product. The higher the grade of the mineral deposit, the greater the value.

Surface mining | Britannica

Surface mining: Surface mining, method of extracting minerals near the surface of the Earth. The three most common types of surface mining are open-pit mining, strip mining, and quarrying. See also mining and coal.

surface mining process,

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May 18, 2012 . Used predominantly in coal extraction, strip mining can also be used in the extraction of phosphates, clays and tar. If the resource that needs to be mined is in a flat, horizontal layer close to the surface, strip mining is the ideal technique. It is essentially the process of removing a thin strip of overburden.

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Process. Though surface mining encompasses a broad range of mining methods, one common denominator is the removal of overburden using heavy earthmoving machinery. Once the overburden has been removed, large dragline excavators are used to extract the minerals or ore from the earth.

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Our know-how in mature cutting technology permits deposits to be mined selectively and without drilling and blasting. The method is environmentally friendly and yields useful minerals of the purest quality! Become acquainted with the operating principle and technical components of the surface mining technology.

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Oct 6, 2016 . The equipment used depends on the method and scale of the surface mining method being employed. Regrading begins as coal excavation continues. Once coal removal is complete, final regrading takes place and the area is revegetated. The operation is required to reclaim the mine to "AOC" or.

A Brief Introduction to the Types of Surface Mining Methods

This process is called surface mining; because contact is maintained with the surface throughout. The other harder method is to drill holes deep inside the Earth to travel beneath the rock layer. As expected, this method is called underground mining. While it may sound like a straightforward task, surface mining can be.

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Sep 20, 2014 . The broad objective of this research was to improve current surface mining practices and reduce negative environmental impact of overburden removal in West ia (WV). The specific objectives were to (i) compare conventional surface mining method (drilling, blasting, digging, and loading) to a surface.

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mining regulation proposals that are now before Congress. Strip mining is the process of removing the topsoil, rock and other material (overburden) covering a mineral deposit in order to ex- tract the minerals.1 Strip mining is of two types: contour stripping and area stripping. The method used depends upon the topography.

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Surface mining is only economic when the coal seam is near the surface. This method recovers a higher proportion of the coal deposit than underground mining as all coal seams are exploited - 90% or more of the coal can be recovered. Large opencast mines can cover an area of many square.

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Jan 20, 2014 . See what Vermeer surface mining equipment can do for you. - Patented tilting capability - Vertical wall capability - Mine in layers - Selective piling - Sele.

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Surface mining methods can be broadly classified as open-pit mining, which includes quarrying, strip mining, contour mining, dredging, and hydraulic mining. Topography and the physical characteristics of the deposit strongly influence the choice of method. In open-pit mining waste is transported to a disposal site, and the.

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Prospecting/Surveying. Skilled mine workers who could judge the quality of the lode were much sought after. Skilled workers with geological knowledge could identify an area where a particular ore was likely to be present by analysing the composition of the rock in the area and surface mining activity such as streamworks.

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Jan 7, 2015 . Conveyors or cars (railway wagons) transport the coal to vertical shafts for removal from the mine. After the coal is brought up to the surface by conveyors, it undergoes a process that removes sand and mud by immersing the coal in a solution of water and tiny magnetite particles. The different elements.

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The final method of surface coal extraction to be described here is aptly called mountaintop removal. Using this technique, operators remove entire mountaintops to reach the coal seam lying underneath it. Mountaintop removal requires more capital and engineering skill than the contour mining method, but it allows the.


Drilling is typically the first phase of the mining process, achieving desired rock fragmentation and bench conditions through drilling and blasting. Track drills are essential in presplit drilling, mine expansion, wall control, production drilling and grade control. TRACK. DRILLS. MODEL NO. HOLE DIAMETER. MD5050 T.

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Surface coal mining involves disturbing overlying rock layers (overburden) to expose and extract coal reserves using the area mining method wherein the overburden above the uppermost coal seam and the innerburden between the lower coal seams are removed in parallel strips (pits) across the coalfield until the area is.

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Strip mining, as the name describes, is a process of removing rock and soil in strips to get to the valuable mineral ores below. After miners extract the resources, they put back the leftover rock and soil, called mining spoils or tailings, to fill in the hole. One way to replace tailings is to simply dump them; luckily, U.S. regulations.

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Surface Mining. Author: Alan Cluett ~ Environmental Consultant, Holcim South Africa. ( Article Type: Explanation ). Mining, by its very nature, is not sustainable into the future. Through the process of mining, finite natural resources, in the form of minerals, are extracted from the Earth's crust, beneficiated and consumed by our.

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Jul 27, 2017 . Surface mining reclamation restores vegetation, soil stability, and proper water conditions after mining. Each site will be completed differently depending on the future use and reclamation law. However, the work completed prevents future environmental degradation and prepares the site for its future use.

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